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They want to shut us up or shut us down

Now I am sad to report that another CitizenGO campaigner is under personal attack by George Soros-funded radicals -- our African campaigns director, Ann Kioko of Kenya, who has boldly and courageously exposed the schemes to force abortion and LGBT radical policies on African nations using Western money and threats.

And once again the attack is not just on Ann, but on CitizenGO... on you and me and all of us. They want to shut us up or shut us down because we are making an impact.

The radical LGBT activists have unleashed a new round of vicious attacks against our friend Caroline Farrow, CitizenGO Campaigns Director for the UK.Caroline is facing these attacks because of her crucial role in CitizenGO’s effective activism in the UK and across the globe.

So CitizenGO is working to defend Caroline and to make sure our enemies do not succeed in their ultimate goal: shutting down CitizenGO's effective global activism on behalf of unborn babies, innocent children, and religious liberty.

Please chip in today with your generous financial support to help CitizenGO stand up for Caroline and to keep our hard-hitting global campaigns running at full strength!

Supporter Care Team

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