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Free Speech for Families on Facebook

An “independent” advisory board is being created with the power to review your posts and decide if you are allowed to speak or not.

Already, it has the moniker of Facebook’s “Supreme Court.”

As first announced, at least 18 of the 20 members of that “Supreme Court” have close ties to George Soros -- 18 out of 20!

We must gear up now to push for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to cut any future funding for this “Facebook Supreme Court,” and dissolve its power wherever possible. That’s the core of our “Free Speech for Families on Facebook” campaign.

With your support I plan to:

  • Recruit new supporters to join the fight by signing a petition to Mark Zuckerberg demanding he abandon this plan;
  • Orchestrate the delivery of those petitions from all around the world to Mark Zuckerberg; and
  • Create and organize offline demonstrations and events showing the level of support for freedom of speech on Facebook.

Will you contribute today to help launch our campaign before it is too late?

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