Your gift protects life, families, and individual liberty from assault

Governments are caving in to the pressure of radical lobbyists and restricting the rights of everyday people like you, limiting religious freedom and the right of families to make informed decisions about their lives and how they raise their children.

But the majority of people don’t embrace progressive definitions of marriage, gender, and the family. That’s why we exist. CitizenGO is a global grassroots movement of more than 18 million people who believe that governments should respect individual rights and values, rather than try to restrict them. We are mums, dads, grandparents, pastors, priests, teachers, and men and women committed to protecting personal freedom and human dignity.

But we can’t do this alone.

Your gift today will protect your essential human rights by:

  • Exposing the agenda of radical lobbyists working to reshape society by imposing their values on everyday families
  • Rallying millions of like-minded people through petitions, rallies, boycotts, and alerts to successfully defend liberty from government attack
  • Supporting pro-life and pro-family initiatives in 50 nations and 12 languages
  • Enabling anyone to create petitions and fight for freedom in their local communities

Use this secure form to make your gift. Every dollar you give goes directly to securing the rights of every person to live free from tyranny. 

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